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Torneko: The Last Hope


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Torneko: The Last Hope is a single player RPG title that revolves around the chubby merchant from Dragon Warrior IV as he sets out on an adventure to rid the town of all the monsters. The story unfolds in the village as you interact with the town’s inhabitants and gather information to help you in your quest.

The action mode will have you fighting monsters and collecting items while traveling through the dungeon. Dungeon floor plans change every time they are revisited, and other changes may occur depending on actions taken by Torneko and the monsters. After you get past the first few dungeons, you’ll be able to store items you’ve found in your storage shed.

Find arrows, clubs, swords, shields, staves, safes, scrolls, pots, herbs, bread and rings so that Torneko can heal and defend himself, and make sure to keep Torneko well fed with bread or he’ll lose strength. Torneko: The Last Hope also features claymation full motion video sequences, turn-based combat, and over 100 items to find.

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