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The Chessmaster 3-D


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Based on the popular computer chess program, The Chessmaster 3-D for the PlayStation allows players to challenge a friend or one of 12 virtual chess opponents. Each computer-controlled opponent is rated according to ability. There are also six unique chess sets (each with animated pieces) from which to choose, including Alphabet, Celestial, Deco, Mechanical, Modern, and Staunton.

If you need assistance in deciding which pieces to move in order to secure a checkmate, the ChessMaster is available to lend a helping hand. You can perfect your chess playing skills using various teaching options; you can even view the computer’s thought process as it “thinks” through each move.

While this is obviously a 3D title, you can switch the camera angle for a more traditional two-dimensional perspective. The camera is adjustable in that you’re able to zoom it in and out until you find a view that is to your liking. You can even switch playing sides (from black to white pieces or vise versa) or simply have a quick look at the other side of the board.

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