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Scaler is a 3D platform game with elements of combat, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Upon accidentally uncovering his neighbor’s evil plot to take over the universe with an army of mutant lizards, Bobby “Scaler” Johnson is put in the position to infiltrate the operation and bring it down from the inside. He is transported to another dimension and transformed into a lizard himself. The enemy army is strong and diverse, however, with different mutant lizard soldier types that are well suited for various tasks.

Luckily, after transforming from a boy into a lizard, changing from one lizard form to another eventually becomes relatively easy, and Scaler will need to assume the appearance and abilities of no fewer than five other lizard-like creatures in order to accomplish all the objectives before him.

Since certain goals can only be reached in one particular lizard form, part of the challenge can be figuring out which shape to take in each situation. Nevertheless, whether they realize it or not, all the good people of universe are depending on Scaler to prevent the impending mutant lizard uprising. Needless to say, perhaps, players expecting a serious, realistic, simulation-style game may be somewhat disappointed with Scaler.

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