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This mod service is only available for the Original FAT Playstation 2 model.

This mod which is installed in a Playstation 2 memory card and will let you run homebrew and backup games off hard drive.


– Run homebrew apps
– Play backup games off Hard drive
– Emulate retro games like Nintendo, Super Nintendo etc

No hardware modification required, everything runs off the Playstation 2 memory card with freeMcBoot installed. Unplugging the memory card will remove the mod.


– Ethernet/Hard drive Adapter
– Original FAT Playstation 2 system
– SATA/IDE to USB adapter*

* the SATA/IDE to USB adapter is needed to transfer game backups to your PS2 hard drive. They are other methods of transferring backups via FTP but they are slower.

Our service consists of

– Clearing, and partitioning the hard drive
– Installing freeMcBoot on a memory card
– Install a homebrew game on hard drive for testing*

* Be aware that we cannot install game ISO’s or emulators for you. This must be done by the user, we will however link you to a tutorial on how you can install your own backups and homebrew apps.

This service includes memory card, hard drive (optional), and labor/installation.


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