Nintendo 3DS and 2DS Softmod Service


The Nintendo 3DS and 2DS softmod service will allow you to run homebrew applications through custom firware installation in your 2ds/3ds.


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We install a custom firware in your 2ds/3ds which will allow you to run homebrew applications. It allows you to backup your retail 3ds game cartridges to your sd/microsd memory card for convenience.

The ability to download backup games to your console from the internet, including virtual console titles.

This service is available for every model in the 3ds family : Original Nintendo 3ds, Nintendo 2ds, New Nintendo 3ds, New Nintendo 3ds XL, and New Nintendo 2ds XL.

This service is also compatible with all regions of 3ds/2ds: USA/JPN/EUR/KOR/TWN/CHN

This mod requires a memory card (SD/ Micro SD) inside your console. The minimum size required is 4GB. If you want to backup 3ds titles, we recommend 16GB at least.

This service includes the SD Card (Optional), and labor/installation.

Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6.5 × 1.25 in
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