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Leonardo (Professional Salvager / Diver) and his partner Zucco wash up on a Caribbean island after sailing into a storm. Though quickly back on his feet their boat is going to need some heavy repairs if they intend to escape this tropical paradise. This is no problem of course with your slightly beat up scuba-gear and radar you set into the shallows to search for anything salvageable. Old rusted dog tags and broken CDs being worth quite a sum here your able to start repairs swiftly. However, with so much money involved in this business it is inevitable that unscrupulous folk are going to get involved. And sure enough a large corporation is looking to buy out the island oust the inhabitants and use it for their own money making schemes. Can you as Leo beat them to the treasures of the deep and foil their plans?

You explore the ocean in first person using radar to find valuables. This radar works by bleeping faster and faster until you are directly on your target. Apart from open ocean you enter sunken ships and even a crashed airplane, sometime for treasure sometimes for jobs given to your on shore. By collecting these items you can improve your gear and bring your Ocean exploration to new levels.

You are given both HP and Air meters as you travel under water if if your Air runs out your HP will go down and the end is sure to follow.

Any part of the game that deals with its story takes place on land in a first person point and click environment.

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