Dragon Warriors Monsters 2: Tara’s Adventure


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The wildly successful DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS returns to handheld form with parallel releases DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS 2: Tara’s Adventure and DRAGON WARRIOR MONSTERS 2: Cobi’s Journey. This installment focuses on the efforts of the sister, Tara, as she tries to end an evil plot to stop her new homeland from sinking. Prince Kameha and his ill-willed accomplice, Warubou, are responsible for the mischief, and you’ve got to help Tara collect and train more than 300 fighting monsters in order to reverse the deadly plan. Make your way through the countryside, collecting valuable keys and recruiting monsters to help battle evil. Each beast you encounter will need to be persuaded to help you out, which you can do by offering up various forms of foods and treats. With better graphics than most of its competition, the game even lets you trade monsters with other players who own either installment of the addicting DRAGON MONSTER WARRIORS 2 collection.


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