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Digimon World lets you raise customized Digimon monsters, training them for battle against other Digimon found in Digimon World. Most Digimon originally called File Island home, but for some unknown reason over time they lost the ability to speak and now live a nomadic lifestyle.

It is your goal to roam the dangerous countryside with your trained Digimon battling other lost Digimon. A victorious battle permits them to return home to the abandoned File Island. The main one-player mode on Digimon World is where the mysterious story unfolds as you raise your immature Digimon. Digimon are dependant on you for happiness, food, and parental guidance to guide their behavior (similar to the popular Tamagotchi toy).

Digimon mature while “working out” in the training area and as you battle various Digimon in the surrounding areas. Your pet Digimon can compete against friends’ Digimon in Battle Mode that provides an arena for head-to-head combat. A loss against a friend can provide plenty of initiative to return to the main mode to strengthen your Digimon, but you’ll need one block of free space on the memory card to save your progress.

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