Backup games to 3DS/2DS

This tutorial will show you how to backup physical game carts to your 3DS/2DS. No need to carry around carts anymore with this tutorial.

WARNING: Please follow this guide at your own risk. Deleting or changing files not in this page may brick your system. When in doubt, ask for help.

Programs or Files Needed


  • None


  • None

Navigation Keys

NAVIGATION BUTTONS: [A] – select • [B] – go back • [START] – to reboot system

Backing Up 3DS Game

  1. With the power off, hold [START] and press POWER, and it should show GODMODE9 logo. It will also ask for RTC DATE&TIME, select NO. If you select YES, just put anytime you want, it resets when the system reboots.
  2. Insert game cart, and in the menu and select [C:] GAMECART
  3. Select the file that ends in .trim.3ds and press [A]
  4. In the bottom screen select NCSD IMAGE OPTIONS, after select BUILD CIA FROM FILE. After you should see a progress bar of the game dump.
  5. After game dump is finished, press [A] to continue.
  6. If you need to dump more game carts, press [B] until you go back to the main menu and repeat steps 2-4, otherwise just press [START] to reboot the 3DS/2DS.

Installing the 3DS CIA File

  1. Open FBI and go to SD > GM9 > OUT, and install the .trim.cia file. WARNING: do not delete any files in the OUT directory other than the trim.cia files (game dump). Deleting the wrong files will cause your 3DS/2DS to brick (not work).
  2. After the progress bar is complete, press [A] to continue to the FBI main menu.
  3. After installing trim.cia files press [HOME] on your 3ds and after a few seconds it should give you the “NEW SOFTWARE HAS BEEN ADDED” message.

Video Tutorial

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