Backup games to 3DS/2DS

This tutorial will show you how to backup physical game carts to your 3DS/2DS. No need to carry around carts anymore with this tutorial.

WARNING: Please follow this guide at your own risk. Deleting or changing files not in this page may result in unexpected results. When in doubt, ask for help.

Programs or Files Needed


  • None


  • None

Navigation Keys

NAVIGATION BUTTONS: [A] – select • [B] – go back • [START] – to reboot system

Backing Up 3DS Game

  1. With the power off, hold [START] and press POWER, and it should show GODMODE9 logo. It will also ask for RTC DATE&TIME, select NO. If you select YES, just put anytime you want, it resets when the system reboots.
  2. Insert game cart, and in the menu and select [C:] GAMECART
  3. Select the file that ends in .trim.3ds and press [A]
  4. In the bottom screen select NCSD IMAGE OPTIONS, after select BUILD CIA FROM FILE. After you should see a progress bar of the game dump.
  5. After game dump is finished, press [A] to continue.
  6. If you need to dump more game carts, press [B] until you go back to the main menu and repeat steps 2-4, otherwise just press [START] to reboot the 3DS/2DS.

Installing the 3DS CIA File

  1. Open FBI and go to SD > GM9 > OUT, and install the .trim.cia file. WARNING: do not delete any files in the OUT directory other than the trim.cia files (game dump). Deleting the wrong files will cause your 3DS/2DS to brick (not work).
  2. After the progress bar is complete, press [A] to continue to the FBI main menu.
  3. After installing trim.cia files press [HOME] on your 3ds and after a few seconds it should give you the “NEW SOFTWARE HAS BEEN ADDED” message.

Video Tutorial

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